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Snap! Magnet

Snap! Magnet

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Each magnet collection is 15x15cm and pre-cut to size. Simply Snap! them apart. Snap! 9 is a collection of nine 50x50mm magnets. Snap! 4 is a collection of four 75x75mm magnets. Choose the multiple image layout (if you want each piece to be a different image) or single image layout (if you want to make a cool puzzle of just one image) Snap! Out and Snap! On.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Crissy Grant

Great value

Angela Sunderland
Excellent Service

I am very happy with my purchase and have order 5 is a great way to see your memories every day without breaking the bank (unless you need bigger fridge to put them on) lol.

Thao Roigard
Snap Magnet

The magnet Is getting thinner compared with the one I ordered last time. Please keep the good quality so we can order again . Fast delivery always. Thank you .

Quality like those you get free from businesses!

Cheap n cheerful!
Dispatch was slow. These items were well packaged (unlike playing cards)


The magnets had great print quality, but both magnets I ordered were not pre-cut, so didn’t snap. I cut them by hand, but that didn’t result in a clean look. I approached customer service and after sending them a photo of the order they did a re-print for me. One of the magnets still had 2 areas where the back was not cut, so I needed to separate these pieces myself. As the front was pre-cut, this didn’t affect the overall look.