You can use 3rd party tools to design your project pages then simply upload these into your Diamond Photo project.

There are many design tools available online. A good example is the free design tool "Gravit Klex",

To use Klex, simply click on “Custom size” and enter the correct dimensions of your product in pixels. See the list below for product dimensions.

Once you’ve finished designing your page, click “Download” and select “JPG”.

Now upload this jpeg file directly into your Diamond Photo project.

For more help, see our YouTube video tutorial here.


Gravit Klex product dimension settings (WxH):

Photo Books

10x15cm Soft Cover = 1540x1060px

15x20cm Soft Cover = 2030x1530px

20x20cm Soft Cover = 2060x2090px

20x28cm Soft Cover Portrait = 2080x2760px

20x20cm Hard Cover = 2030x2030px

20x28cm Hard Cover (Std & Premium) = 2870x2160px

28x20cm Hard Cover Portrait = 2080x2760px

30x30cm Hard Cover (Std & Premium) = 3050x3050px

A3 Hard Cover (Std & Premium) = 3050x4050px


If your product is not shown in the list above, then please contact our Customer Care Team here.